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Personal Trainer

With years of fitness and martial arts experience we can provide a diverse, fun and effective fitness programme.
No need to go to the gym! We can bring fitness and a healthy lifestyle to your door!

Diverse Disciplines

Depending on your goals we can use traditional methods that you’d find in the gym incorporate Boxing, Kick-Boxing (Muay Thai), Tae-Kwon-Do, Ju-Jitsu as well as other Martial Arts disciplines.

Fitness for You

By having variety in your training programme makes it more fun, if it is fun you are more likely to be motivated and succeed! You don’t have to be fit to begin one of our programmes, we will tailor it to your own abilities.

Nutritional Advice

Achievable, affordable, fun fitness combined with Weight management and nutritional advice will give guaranteed results.
We offer the Complete fitness package.

Our Services

Max Bateman Diversifit - a new concept for a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit.
Designed by Max Bateman to offer a diverse range of fitness programmes.

We focus on your goals and most importantly your abilities.

We will sit down with you and design a realistic, achievable and enjoyable training program. We can take things slow but we do realise that there are those people out there that wish to be pushed to the limit! If that is what you want, then that is what you will get!

All styles, be it Personal Training or other Fitness activities are taught with practical application, meaning whether you train for fun, sport, fitness or self-defence, the style will be effective in achieving your goal. You will be trained/taught at your pace and to your ability. You will constantly be monitored to ensure that you are not being pushed beyond your limits. All training programs will be effective and we will ensure that they are enjoyable and achievable too!

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Why Max Bateman Diversifit?

Achievable, affordable, fun, fitness brought to you

Max Bateman has had an incredible journey from injury back to complete fitness. Read about his story and how Max can help you here:

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Our portfolio

Programmes tailored to meet your personal goals


What our clients say?

Totally dedicated, experienced trainer who is patient and focused. Top guy.

client image 1

I would recommend max for any and all help with fitness, and recommend him even more for his massive knowledge of self defence and combat sports!!

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Finally a trainer who understands people. A guy who will be your friend on one hand but work you to your limits on the other. Can't speak highly enough of him.

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No need to go to the gym! We bring fitness and a healthy lifestyle to you!

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